Le Basilic

A hoppy Pale Ale brewed in Loudun France.
It takes its name from the local legend and carving in the church of Notre Dame in Veniers.
A distinctly English beer brewed with a whimsical nostalgia for the pubs of the ancient county of Rutland.
It is the brewery's first offering and currently retails at €3.50/500ml bottle or €10 for 3.


Le Sanglier

A seasonal beer brewed for the short days and long nights of winter.
At 7.5% a robust and bold infusion respecting the fighting spirit
and courage of the mystical boar.
A bold copper hued brew crafted with citrus, slight spice and a hint of local honey sweetness
Retails at €4.25/500ml bottle or €12 for 3.

Sanglier logo.png

L'Homme Vert

A strong, easy drinking beer to welcome the arrival of summer.
This happy collaboration of French hops and yeast with English malt produces a vibrant beer with a clean finish.
Perfect to enjoy on its own or with food.
Retails at €4.25/500ml bottle or €12 for 3.
L'Homme vert logo.png
All of our beers are bottle conditioned, refrigerate and pour slowly.