The story so far

We moved to France in October 2016 with a plan (amongst others) to start our own Craft Brewery. Full of enthusiasm and with the maxim   'all would be finished by Christmas'  heard confidently ringing in our ears.


The kit was ordered, paid for, delivered and 'temporarily' stored in the loft of the yet to be converted piggeries........where it was to spend the next three years gathering dust.


In truth, along with all the renovation works, several small brews were concocted to provide sustenance for the workers and to perfect the archetypal pale ale recipe which was to be the brewery's staple BASILIC PALE ALE.


After completing the renovations on the main house, our gite 'House of the TumtumTree' launched in 2018. This was followed by the barn renovation which included the art studio, workshop/garage and space for the brewery. Then came the gardens, still a work in progress and finally renovation of the piggeries.


And now 2020......the time arrived to dust off the stainless steel; fire up those burners and brew that beer! A couple of days at the computer to jump through the hoops of officialdom, surprisingly made easy by beaucoup to them, 'Thirsty Steves' was born and after all this time....................... let me assure you, HE STILL IS.